Founded over 30 years ago in Bogotá, Colombia, with the name of Fabulous Plastics and whose name is changed by the founding family in the year of 1986 to Promociones Fantásticas S.A.S. is the largest exclusive plastic straw manufacturer and distributor in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our quality standards and product diversity have allowed our company to have a presence in over 20 countries.

Promociones Fantásticas S.A.S.’s client-oriented focus provides its customers with unparalleled individualized services and products, including custom-made and market specific plastic straw applications as well as ‘Just In Time’ lean inventory logistics and supply. This allows us to do business with Multinationals and local companies. We are ISO 9001:2008 and BASC certified for Secure Commerce.


Promociones Fantásticas S.A.S. is a Colombian company, leader in the plastic straw manufacturing industry. We have a highly qualified team that uses state of the art technology to meet the needs of our clients in both national and international markets, under the principles of strategic direction and continuous improvement. Our commitment with society, our clients, collaborators, shareholders, and the environment is to achieve excellence.


Become the leading company in production and distribution of plastic straws in Latin America and the Caribbean by the year 2020.


  • Conducts and actions of all members of the organization shall maintain respect, honesty, justice, ethics, integrity, and client orientation under all circumstances.
  • We will achieve excellence thanks to efficiency, quality orientation, permanent innovation, effective communication, effort, and teamwork.
  • To comply with our responsibilities with our collaborators, clients, shareholders, suppliers, and society in general, we seek to permanently maintain commitment and increase profitability.



Manufacture high quality plastic straws with trustworthy and competent employees to satisfy our clients’ needs. We seek to prevent and control any illicit activity within our operation, ensuring the absence of any drug trafficking, terrorist or money laundering activities.



  • Guarantee that our management systems are controlled with the objective of increasing productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of processes and the final product in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Satisfy our clients’ needs by maintaining a constant and lasting relationship that will be evaluated and controlled for the continuous growth of the company.
  • Permanently train our collaborators, committing them to the integral fulfillment of our processes.
  • Guarantee that our products meet the quality standards established by the company and those required by our clients.



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