Our coverage throughout Latin America makes us leaders in sales for the whole continent. Our service goes beyond delivering a high quality product under the best conditions, while integrating with our clients to satisfy their needs according to their business. Likewise, we can guide our clients by suggesting new products and designs in order to fulfill their needs as well as their clients’.

Promociones Fantásticas not only services the Supermarkets, Food & Services, and Beverage industries, we also support and develop products for corporate clients.

Our industrial capacity and expertise allow us to attend deliveries in an effective and agile approach, while operating ports on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans or employing land or aerial transportation from Bogotá.

We are in the first place of straw exporters from Colombia and we service 20 countries throughout the American continent and the Caribbean for the Supermarkets and Beverage industries.

These are the different ways of naming “straws” throughout the whole continent.


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